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The Reluctant Blogger

By saltire | 4 Mar 2010 | 4 Comments | 1,377 views

In the final “Thursday Thoughts” of the off-season, Maverick posed the question

“Which blog article or articles have you written that you were most pleased with writing and why?”

This was an interesting question that did make me consider my motives for writing as I’ve often thought that I am the reluctant blogger! In the past I’ve written when I felt we needed some new content on the front page of the site and I’d been anxious that there had been nothing new for a couple of days. I suppose the fact that I’d worried about new posts meant I was getting less hung-up on this blogging malarky; indeed I was pleasantly surprised to see that in the 8 months we’ve been blogging I’ve managed to put metaphorical pen to paper on 47 occasions. Perhaps I wasn’t so reluctant after all?

But I digress; getting back to the initial question, which article/(s) have you most enjoyed writing or are most pleased with? To put things in perspective I’ll tell you what I don’t like writing about before I get on to what I’ve liked. I’m not at all keen on writing pieces that require a vast memory base of F1 knowledge; I’ve only been seriously interested in the sport for the last 10 years or so, and, as I’m not particularly mechanically minded I tend to steer clear of those topics for fear of writing something downright silly. Whilst I enjoy reading what others have written on technical matters, the idea of writing about them myself fills me with dread. I’ve loads of questions on the physics of how F1 stuff works that I’d love to know the answer to; just don’t ask me to write about them, especially when there are so many fantastic bloggers out there who write with passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. It’s all about finding a niche you are happy to fulfill.

The one thing I have learned is that it’s better to blog on a topic you enjoy than to write just to fill the space on a page. If you can use your experience of topics that interest you you’ll find it far easier to write down your thoughts in a coherrent style. At University I’d studied Physiology then went on to become a full-time researcher. Although sadly I’m no longer doing that job, my scientific background has left me with a thirst for knowledge, a love of playing with numbers and graphs and of sharing my work with the wider community. For those reasons I’d have to say that the review of Sid Watkins’ work on driver safety, or, the two posts I wrote on the effects of g-force on driver physiology (part 1) and (part 2) were the ones which gave me the most satisfaction. I am still learning the art of blogging and what works for me, hopefully with time my writing will develop and I’ll start to enjoy the experience.

The one thing all bloggers like is feedback whether it’s good or bad, so I’d like to end by turning the question about by asking you, the reader, which of my posts you have enjoyed or even those you’ve hated… maybe then I can finally rid myself of my reluctant blogger label.

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  • me

    the quest for fresh content is an interesting one. i too think the same, but i wonder where the one day, two days, three day limit comes from. why don’t i look at the homepage after an hour and think… “that looks a bit stale”?


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  • Pat W

    It is definitely better to talk about something you enjoy. I do enjoy your posts which have been researched and investigated but as a blogger I find the most enjoyable posts to write are the ones where you’ve been mulling an idea for a couple of days, develop a gut feeling of what you want to say but haven’t figured out the words yet. Once the first sentence or two is down those posts just appear in front of you and it feels good to get it off your chest.
    If I were to give you a tip to enjoy blogging, it would be to give a few of those a go.

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  • Gavin Brown (RubberGoat)

    I agree – I will use my summary on the points fairness as an example.

    I have always been interested in different points systems in different racing series, so when FOTA changed it to ‘make things fairer’, not only did I have an excuse to blog on a topic I am really interested in, I had an angle and a hypothesis to work from. I spent days on that post, but I really enjoyed writing it.

    The same was true when someone in the Sidepodcast comments asked me to look at who had a better first half of the season – Vettel or Webber? It took me two weeks to compile the stats and write, but it was just such an interesting topic that I loved doing it all the way :)

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