Circuit of the Americas
Circuit Map

Circuit Facts

Circuit Length: 5.513 km (3.427 miles)
Race Length: 56 laps (308.9 km, 191.9 miles)
Circuit Type: Permanent course
Direction: Anti-clockwise
Corners: 20 (9 right-hand and
11 left-hand corners)
Elevation Change: Medium-High
Run-off Area: High
Maximum G-Force: 3.7 G
Joined Calendar: 2012
Lap Record: 1:39.347 (Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing, 2012)
Av. Temperature: 22°C
Typical Weather: Warm, sunny
Altitude: 152 m AMSL
Official Website: External link
Top Speed: 315 km/h (195 mph)
Average Speed: 200 km/h (124 mph)
Gear Changes/Lap: 59
Engine Demand: High
Full-Throttle %: 63%
Longest Sustained: TBC
Fuel Consumption: 2.40 kg/5km
Fuel Load Effect: 0.096 s/5km
Brake Demand: Low
Braking %: 14 %
Downforce Level: Mid-High
Cooling: Medium
Tyre Wear: Low
Grip Level: Low-Medium
Pit Lane Loss: s
Pit Lane Length: m