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About Us

Viva F1 actually started life as Pitlanefanatic, our first incarnation as an F1 website but at the beginning of 2010, Viva F1 was born. We went into this without a clue about what we were doing or how to make a website. HTML we'd heard of but what was this CSS malarky?

We soon added various statistical pages but then came the blog. Persuaded by the blogging community we finally took the big step and a lot of fun it turned out to be too. We regularly have guest posts from forum members too and we currently have a small but friendly community.

We hope you enjoy the site and if you decide to take the plunge and register for the forum, a warm welcome to you. Otherwise, feel free to comment on the blog.

Any problems, just email us at admin AT vivaf1.com

Admin "The Administrator"

Mostly harmless. Admin crawled from the primordial ooze 500 million years ago and having spent most of that time trying to find a decent cup of tea and a biscuit to dunk in it, decided it would be fun to oversee a Formula 1 forum. Often accused of being a Kazuki Nakajima fan, Admin is in fact awaiting the second coming of a certain Jacques Villeneuve.

Favourite driver: Ayrton Senna and Fernando Alonso
Favourite team: McLaren
Favourite track: Monaco
Favourite F1 car: McLaren MP4/4
Best race ever: 1979 French Grand Prix, Dijon
Most memorable moment: Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost collide at the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix

Maverick "The Designer"

With a background in fluid dynamics you'd think Mav would know what he's talking about but clearly spent most of his University days in the bar studying the dynamics of the wrong kind of fluids. An F1 fan since 1986, Mansell's puncture was just the first of a litany of disappointments. Currently championing Lewis Hamilton although still in mourning over Super Aguri.

Favourite driver: Currently Lewis Hamilton, but looking back, the genius of Jim Clark
Favourite team: Lotus
Favourite track: Interlagos, Brazil
Favourite F1 car: Mercedes-Benz W196 Streamliner
Best race ever: 1993 European Grand Prix, Donington
Most memorable moment: The death of Ayrton Senna, Imola, 1994

Saltire "Site Statistics"

"Salti's" speciality is in asking the questions that nobody else ever thinks of. Salti got into F1 in 1998 when a certain Mika Hakkinen inspired her. Since then she became a proud David Coulthard fan and she is currently staying loyal to the energy drink team that gives you wiiings. Saltire's also the creator of the Almanac which caused her many sleepless nights.

Favourite driver: David Coulthard or Sebastian Vettel
Favourite team: Red Bull
Favourite track: Gilles Villeneuve, Canada
Favourite F1 car: Kate's Dirty Sister
Best race ever: European GP 2007
Most memorable moment: Sebastian Vettel's maiden win at Monza 2008 in the Toro Rosso

Support Viva F1

Viva F1 is very much our hobby and all here at Viva F1 HQ have real jobs, however from the start we have been adamant about wanting to keep the site free of adverts.

Of course, websites don't run themselves, therefore, if you'd like to make a donation to help run the site, it would be much appreciated. All gifts are used to maintain and develop the site, and improve everyone's experience. If you don't wish to or can't make a donation, that's fine - please enjoy the site. But if you feel you really want to give something back, that'll make our day.

Thanks, Viva F1.